3 No-nonsense Reasons to Invest in a Loaded Pierogi Franchise

At Loaded Pierogi, we love two things that start with the letter F: food and franchises. 

And it’s not just us!

Canadians love their food franchises too. As the Canadian Franchise Association points out, “Canadians are frequently favoring quick-service restaurants (QSRs) as an easy and delicious alternative to cooking meals in the home.”

No doubt, you also enjoy food franchises as a consumer. Hey, maybe Loaded Pierogi is even one of your favourite places to #getloaded! 

But have you ever considered jumping across the table…and joining the other side? 

Here are 3 no-nonsense reasons to invest in a Loaded Pierogi franchise. 

  1. By 2025, Quick Service Restaurants Will Grow to $37.4 Billion

Let’s do the math. 

In addition to chomping down on cheesy, onion, and potato-filled pierogies, Loaded Pierogi franchisees also need to crunch the numbers. What will your ROI look like? Is now a good time to buy a franchise? 

According to the research, yes. Restaurants Canada released data showing that over the next 3 years, quick service establishments (like Loaded Pierogi) are positioned to grow to a gigantic $37.4 billion by the year 2025. 

That’s massive! 

  1. Canadians Appreciate Quick and Delicious Food  

Next, Loaded Pierogi invites you to try this experiment…

Drive 30 minutes in any direction and count how many food franchises you see. From hot coffee to glazed donuts, sandwiches, burgers, and of course pierogies, it’s practically impossible to NOT spot a food franchise. 

Yup, Canadians seriously appreciate the convenience of quick, affordable, delicious food.

And did you know?

The Canadian franchising scene contributes $100 billion+ every year to our country’s economy. Of that, much comes from food franchises. So, your customer base already exists. You can tap into all those hungry stomachs with a Loaded Pierogi franchise.  

  1. Financing is Easier with a Franchise

Speaking of dollars and cents, walking into a bank and applying for a small business loan can be confusing, intimidating, and downright scary. Plus, being denied is a real disappointment. 

Yet Franchise Direct explains, “An established and successful franchisor is viewed positively by lenders.”

That’s because banks and lenders understand that franchises already have a proven business model. Loaded Pierogi itself has almost a dozen and growing cash flow positive locations. Whether you go the independent ownership or partner route, financing is much, much easier with a franchise. 

Ready to learn more?

Download the free Loaded Pierogi franchise brochure today! 

Take Our Test to See if a Loaded Pierogi Franchise is Right For You

We are high key so stoked to be *checks notes* administering this very serious exam which will possibly determine your fate in the franchise field. 

Okay, so it’s actually just for fun, BUT these few key questions can help you to learn more about if a Loaded Pierogi franchise is the perfect fit for your future!

Sharpen your pencils and adjust that pocket protector (in your mind of course) and let’s get started, study buddies! 

  1. Do you often find yourself daydreaming about steaming plates of perfectly cooked pierogies?

Don’t worry you’re not alone. What do you think first inspired us to start Loaded Pierogi anyway! If you share our passion for creative fares, we can safely say you are in the right place. Plus, we’ve got fans all over the country who already know and love our food as much as you do, so you can check devoted customer base off under this one as well. 

  1. Are you someone who wants to call the shots at work and loves to be admired as a lovable leader? 

Well, step into our office! We've been looking for just such a person to partner up with. Here you’ll get to hire your own staff, create a better work environment, and make a lot of customers happy with your quality care. If you want a chance to make the choices and positively impact your own team, then maybe it’s time for you to step up to the plate slugger! 

  1. Have you noticed that your life is lacking a little bit of flavor? 

We may have just the kick you’re looking for! There’s something so satisfying about making a change, starting a cool new career, or simply making a smart investment in a more unique opportunity. Regardless, if you want to spice it up in any way, seriously consider a Loaded Pierogi franchise. If we can add anything to make this point even stronger, it’s #yolo. 

  1. Do you sometimes get dollar signs in your eyes like a scheming cartoon cat?

Calm down, your comically displayed desire for a stable income can be soothed by our streamlined business plan! We set you up with all the resources needed to run a potentially successful location, from branding to budget control. Our proven business model means stronger return on investment (or ROI for all our straight A students out there).

  1. Does your dream job include the delicious taste of total freedom but with a sprinkle of ongoing support on top? 

Then dig this! Sure owning a business can mean extra responsibility, but with Loaded Pierogi you don’t have to worry about the risk that most startups face. While you will get to enjoy being your own boss, you’re also never alone. Our team of experts offers guidance throughout every step of the process to ensure that you will reap all the Loaded rewards. 

If you answered yes to any of these questions then congratulations! You could be just the Loaded Pierogi owner we’ve been searching for! Find out more by filling out our contact form today https://www.loadedpierogi.com/franchising 

The Buzz Around the Booming Foodie Franchise Industry

All aboard the trending train! 

These days, more than ever, people seem to be choo choo choosing to partner with an established brand instead of taking the risk to start their own business from scratch. Well, don’t fret! We are here to dig into the facts so that you can find out what all this franchise fuss is really about! 

We all know the big brands that are famous in the food industry right? Then we shouldn’t be surprised that food and beverage has historically been and is still today one of the most successful sectors of the market. Everyone’s gotta eat! 

Turns out, franchising is a great way to scale such brands and set them up for future growth. Familiar names are easier to market, plus there’s way less risk to worry about and way more backing to rely on. Now we don’t want to brag, but we believe that our Loaded Pierogi franchise opportunity has always been ahead of the curve, so to speak. 

A Loaded Pierogi Franchise offers simple day to day operations, comprehensive training, continuous support, great margins, low labor, minimal inventory, and easy maintenance! 

Feels like franchising may just be the wave of the future and we are here for it! Don’t just take our word either, here are some fascinating stats to back up our bold claims of booming business.  

We don’t want to be dramatic here (wait are we the drama?) but let’s face it, these stats speak for themselves! Turns out there’s all that buzz for good reason! You don’t have to be an expert in economics to understand the success of our sector. In fact, there’s no previous experience of any kind needed to open a Loaded Pierogi. We’ve done all the trickiest (and tastiest) parts for you and our team of experts take care of the rest! So go ahead and come to your own conclusion about how over-the-top terrific our franchise opportunity really is. 
Every Loaded Pierogi location receives unparalleled resources for success from access to our recipes to multiple marketing platforms. We would love nothing more than to accept you into our franchise family! Find out more by downloading our brochure, which is loaded with all kinds of important info here https://www.loadedpierogi.com/franchising

Sources: https://cfa.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Franchising-In-Canada-Facts-Stats.pdf 


#GetLoaded on Leadership: Qualities for Owning a Loaded Pierogi Franchise

We’ve all been there. We’ve all had a job where we were stuck working for someone that we weren’t necessarily fond of. Chances are, you probably weren’t their biggest fan because of their innate lack of ability to demonstrate proper leadership skills. Needless to say, it definitely takes a certain kind of person to run a successful business. Do you think you have what it takes? 

For those of you who have never owned a business before, let’s be clear: it’s not easy. If running a business was always gushy and mushy like melted cheese in a delicious Loaded Pierogi bowl, then everyone would be doing it. 

The reality is that every business owner needs to have strong leadership skills if they wish to succeed, regardless of  the industry. So without further ado, here are the leadership qualities we’re looking for in a future Loaded Pierogi Franchisee.

What does it mean to be a leader?

Before we get into it, let’s first clarify what leadership means. In of itself, leadership is simply the ability to influence and guide others in a positive way. Considering that we are all different people with our own perspectives, the ideologies behind what it means to be a leader will vary based on the person. Case in point, there's no definitive answer as to what leadership is. With that said, these five qualities are merely just what we think it takes to become a Loaded Pierogi franchise owner.

  1. Clarity

    As it is with anything in life, no matter the manner, there’s always going to be upsides and downsides. Moreover, it’s human nature to want to be liked and accepted. In parallel, one of the worst parts about being a business owner is having to have tough conversations with your team. In the end, your business is your livelihood: no matter how much you may like someone or want to help them, you can’t allow certain rules to slide. In order to effectively set clear expectations in a healthy and professional manner, a leader has to have the ability to be transparent.
  1. Decisiveness

    As your own boss, no one is there to tell you what to do. Therefore, a leader is someone who is a problem solver and not a problem finder. And while it’s okay to not know all of the answers at all times, a leader will demonstrate the confidence that they can, at the least, figure it out. 
  1. Courage

    It’s human nature to not like change. Ironically, the only consistency in life is change. Whether it’s your first time trying something new, or even failing at something for the first time, a leader is not afraid to step out of their comfort zone. Afterall, being constantly comfortable inherently means that you’re not growing.
  2. Passion

    When you think of the word boss, what do you think of? The primary difference between a boss and a leader is the amount of passion they have. A leader is able to understand and effectively explain why they do the things they do. A boss will simply tell people what to do, even at times where they may not understand the task themselves.
  3. Humility

    Last but not least, the most important quality in a leader is humility. A leader is able to take responsibility for their actions without wallowing in their mistakes. Succinctly, a leader has a victor mentality as opposed to that of a victim.

Needless to say, there’s a lot of perks to being a business owner: there’s no one to tell you what to do, you get to make your own schedule, and you get to choose the kind of team you want to lead. The downside? You have to call the shots, even the tough ones. It is your responsibility to make sure that your store opens every day, on time, your food is always loaded with freshness and deliciousness; and your service exceptional. At the end of the day though, being a business owner is single-handedly one of the most rewarding jobs that anyone could have. Do you think you have what it takes? Check out our Loaded franchise opportunities! 

Load Up on Possibilities with Loaded Pierogi!

Okay, so we know you love pierogi and poutine, but have you ever thought about OWNING your very own Loaded location? Ditch the worry about starting your business from scratch by taking the guesswork out of business ownership with an established franchise! 

We’ve done the hard stuff so driven people like you can jump on board and hit the ground running from the start!

Perks of Owning a Loaded Biz:

When you own a Loaded, we know from experience that your friends, neighbours, colleagues, and, hey, even your mailman, will come a-knockin’ for a bite (or two, or three…).

Our franchise offers everything from access to quality recipes to operational support to multiple marketing platforms. We ensure that our franchisees are LOADED with support and resources to start you on the right path as we bring our tasty twists on the classics to every community across Canada. 

Ready to Get Loaded on possibilities and learn more about owning your very own Loaded Pierogi? Fill out the form here and our team will be in touch soon!

The hottest new thing: Owning a Loaded Pierogi Franchise

So, you want to open your own Loaded Pierogi and need to learn more. You’ve come to the right place, let’s talk about the best reasons to open a franchise in 2022.

Be your boss

Be real, we all want to be our boss. You get to be the one to make the call, and you can even hire some rad people to work for you. With a solid crew working for you, it makes running a Loaded Pierogi a dream come true.

Get your hometown Loaded

Maybe you want to try some deadly delicious  food from Loaded, but your city doesn’t have one! Now, no one asked you to be a hero and open one, but you might just be the person your town needs. Become known as a hometown hero if you open the doors to one of these joints.

Do something unique

Something is rewarding about being known for doing something cool, and let’s be honest; there is nothing cooler than the food at Loaded Pierogi. From classic meals to catering options, there is endless potential.

Join the Loaded Pierogi family

When you franchise with us, you get support every step of the way. Experts can help you with any questions you have about the Brand, or how to grow your franchise over time. We are here to help you become the most rad restaurant around. In general, by opening a franchise over a solo business you are more likely to succeed.

Customers love Pierogis

One of the major benefits of opening a franchise, rather than a restaurant of your own, is that you already have people who know and love the food without having to experiment with coming up with a menu first. There tends to be a craze that happens when a known franchise comes to town - people will buzz about the food and often line up to try it. This means that although you have paid a startup cost, there is a likelihood for a high-profit launch to help recoup that. Franchises have taken the work out of choosing how to be the most cost-effective, so you maximize from day one.

Interested? Learn more about this excellent opportunity! You can also send an email to franchising@loadedpierogi.com or get in touch by calling (416) 528-0452.

Loaded Pierogi Wants to Team Up With You to Help Ukraine

These past few months, our staff (like the rest of the world) have watched in horror as a humanitarian crisis unfolds in Ukraine. To date, over 4.5 million refugees have fled their homes. Another 6.5+ million people have been displaced from their homes within the borders of their own country. As the conflict escalates, there is now an overwhelming demand for aid and funding from the international community. 

Seeing this tragedy take place, we at Loaded Pierogi asked, “What can we do to help?” 

3 Ways Loaded Pierogi is Helping Ukrainian War Refugees 

Loaded Pierogi is steadfast in our commitment to assisting the people of Ukraine. 

At each of our 11 Canadian restaurants, we have teamed up with communities to raise funds to support the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine with a goal of at least $20,000. We humbly ask you to also consider supporting our Ukrainian friends in the following three ways:

Make a Donation 

First, consider generously making a monetary donation. All Loaded Pierogi locations are equipped to take in funds – of any amount – and transfer them to support homeless Ukrainians fleeing war. All donations of $1, $2, or $5 will be marked with a pierogi badge added to the wall. 

Try the NEW Loaded Double Sausage and Cheddar Bowl 

Second, try our delicious Loaded Double Sausage and Cheddar bowl. $1 from each delicious sale will go toward the Pilgrim Movement.  

Learn More at The Pilgrim Movement 

Third, check out The Pilgrim Movement website. This organization has partnered up with Loaded Pierogi in our mutual desire to help mothers, children, and families find a safe passage to sanctuary countries in Europe. With millions of people crossing the border every day, this trusted organization brings hope and comfort to the most vulnerable of refugees. 

Together, we can all help to support the brave people of Ukraine.  

BYOB and #GetLoaded

Starting your business can be, quite frankly, overwhelming and exciting at the same time! The comfort of fresh pierogies helps soothe the fear, but imagine being surrounded by all things Pierogi, every day. Mmmm. Dreams can come true.

With Loaded Pierogi, you can plug into an established and growing brand. Loaded Pierogi brings on ambitious entrepreneurs with the drive to operate their own business through our proven franchise model. Sound like you? Why not BYOB?  That’s right. Buy Your Own Business.

#GetLoaded with Guidance

Operating a Loaded Pierogi franchise location gives you the pride of ownership with the comfort of guidance. We know what it takes so you don’t need to have all the answers. We’ve been doing this the Canadian way since we opened our doors in 2014. Questions? We have answers. 

#GetLoaded with Great People

Operating your own franchise gives you the freedom to work with great people. From our corporate team to the amazing staff you get to hire, you’re surrounded with great people every day.

#GetLoaded with Great Margins

No one works for free. With Loaded Pierogi franchises, you have the potential to make great money. Our proven model of service coupled with high-margin products keeps you moving toward your financial goals.

#GetLoaded with Loaded Pierogi

Loaded Pierogi is an established brand, and with that comes enhanced opportunity for success. With locations in Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario, we have new locations opening soon in Prince Edward Island and Quebec. But we’re not done! We have more opportunities from coast to coast that are waiting for you!

For more information about Loaded Pierogi and how YOU can #GetLoaded, check out https://www.loadedpierogi.com/franchising and get started on your path to business ownership today!

Get a Load of Our Fabulous Franchising Tips (Top Ten!)

We’re so stoked that you’re thinking about franchising with Loaded, as we’re always on the lookout for inspired entrepreneurs to join us.  

To help you prepare for life with Loaded, here are ten of our fabulous franchising tips to help you be the best franchisee you can be! 

1. Be inspired 

Inspired franchisees = winning franchisees. Bring a dose of your individual creativity and inspiration to your Loaded franchise, and you will be on a surefire path to success. Trust us. 

2. Crunch the numbers 

Get your calculator out; it’s time to crunch the numbers. You need to make sure you can afford to invest in a franchise. Think about the initial investment, franchise fee, and other associated costs before diving in. You don’t want to create money problems for yourself! 

3. Foodies welcome 

At Loaded, we want our team to be in love with food as much as we are. Do you share our passion for poutines and pierogies? 

4. Listen to advice 

One of the best things about franchising is that you’re not alone. Quite literally. The Loaded team is here to help you every step of the way, so don’t forget to listen to and heed our advice to get your franchise up and running. 

5. Do your homework 

Is a career in the food industry right for you? Do you love working with people? Make sure you know what you’re getting into before committing to your life as a Loaded franchisee. 

6. Trust the system 

The biggest advantage of franchising? The system. Our business model works, and it’s all yours to use. Place your trust in the way we do things, and you will reap the rewards. 

7. Be the boss 

As a franchisee, you’re the boss. But with it comes a whole host of extra responsibilities. Invest in your team, make your customers happy, and keep an open mind. Follow these tips, and you’re onto a winner. 

8. Master the menu 

Do you know your poutines from your pierogies? Our star-studded menu is much loved by Loaded customers, so make sure you know its ins and outs! 

9. Face the facts 

Our free franchise brochure has all the information you need to whet your appetite. It will also answer all your most pressing questions. If you’re on the cusp of joining the Loaded team, grab your brochure today and face the facts! 

10. Dive in 

Are you ready to start life as a Loaded franchisee? We can’t wait to welcome you! Check out our upcoming opportunities, or drop us a line to ask us any questions you have. 

What You Need to Get Started in the Restaurant Industry

So you want to be in business for yourself and join the elite forces of Restaurateurs. Good on ya! We're here for it! And fantastic timing, because the Canadian food service industry is growing. We're super stoked, and in the interest of supporting you on this journey we thought we'd give you a little guide on what you need to get started.

Business Plan

If you're flying solo, the business plan is all you, friend. It's the map you'll refer back to as you chart your course through preparations, launch, and daily operations. It also contains your mission statement which defines precisely what you're setting out to achieve.

A franchise like Loaded is operating off of a proven business model, so when you enter the partnership there's already a tried and tested map for you to follow. Remember it isn't yours to tweak, so make sure you agree with the company's core values!

Launch Prep

Once you've got your business plan, it's time to start preparing for your launch. You'll have to research the market to determine the best neighborhood for your restaurant, then work out your real estate budget so you can negotiate a lease.

If you partner with a franchise you can usually expect some help in this department. For instance Loaded's team has been in the biz for over 30 years combined, so we're always happy to help our partners with location selection and rent negotiation.


A big part of your success will hinge on how well you can market your restaurant. You'll want to create a strong brand identity and put together a strategy so that your target audience notices you.

Of course if you decide to become a franchisee, you're joining an established brand with an existing audience and an existing marketing plan. Loaded has dedicated a lot of time to building brand awareness nationally, and we train franchisees how to market locally. 


When you start a business from scratch you often don't receive formal training, so it's up to you to train yourself. Research books and podcasts, conduct informational interviews, whatever you can to prepare--you'll learn a lot on the job, too.

Partner with a franchise, however, and you'll receive training that is specifically tailored to your success in that business. At Loaded we believe anyone can succeed with the right attitude; our training is comprehensive and prepares you for, well, getting (and leading, managing, and operating) Loaded.


Being in business independently doesn't mean no support, it just means you may have to go searching for it a little bit. You can participate in your local community as well as larger entrepreneurial and/or restaurant communities so that you can connect with similar business people and form a support network.

With a franchise you get support from day one, both from the franchisor and from the existing community of franchisees they've built. Loaded's community of franchisees feel more like family; we're a supportive network sprawled across Canada, here to help and cheer on each others' success.


We have all the faith that you can succeed in whatever you want to build from the ground up! But if you'd like to lighten your load (and your risk) by partnering with an established brand--with an awesome customer base and a team with hearts of gold--check out Loaded's franchise opportunity!