3 No-nonsense Reasons to Invest in a Loaded Pierogi Franchise

At Loaded Pierogi, we love two things that start with the letter F: food and franchises. 

And it’s not just us!

Canadians love their food franchises too. As the Canadian Franchise Association points out, “Canadians are frequently favoring quick-service restaurants (QSRs) as an easy and delicious alternative to cooking meals in the home.”

No doubt, you also enjoy food franchises as a consumer. Hey, maybe Loaded Pierogi is even one of your favourite places to #getloaded! 

But have you ever considered jumping across the table…and joining the other side? 

Here are 3 no-nonsense reasons to invest in a Loaded Pierogi franchise. 

  1. By 2025, Quick Service Restaurants Will Grow to $37.4 Billion

Let’s do the math. 

In addition to chomping down on cheesy, onion, and potato-filled pierogies, Loaded Pierogi franchisees also need to crunch the numbers. What will your ROI look like? Is now a good time to buy a franchise? 

According to the research, yes. Restaurants Canada released data showing that over the next 3 years, quick service establishments (like Loaded Pierogi) are positioned to grow to a gigantic $37.4 billion by the year 2025. 

That’s massive! 

  1. Canadians Appreciate Quick and Delicious Food  

Next, Loaded Pierogi invites you to try this experiment…

Drive 30 minutes in any direction and count how many food franchises you see. From hot coffee to glazed donuts, sandwiches, burgers, and of course pierogies, it’s practically impossible to NOT spot a food franchise. 

Yup, Canadians seriously appreciate the convenience of quick, affordable, delicious food.

And did you know?

The Canadian franchising scene contributes $100 billion+ every year to our country’s economy. Of that, much comes from food franchises. So, your customer base already exists. You can tap into all those hungry stomachs with a Loaded Pierogi franchise.  

  1. Financing is Easier with a Franchise

Speaking of dollars and cents, walking into a bank and applying for a small business loan can be confusing, intimidating, and downright scary. Plus, being denied is a real disappointment. 

Yet Franchise Direct explains, “An established and successful franchisor is viewed positively by lenders.”

That’s because banks and lenders understand that franchises already have a proven business model. Loaded Pierogi itself has almost a dozen and growing cash flow positive locations. Whether you go the independent ownership or partner route, financing is much, much easier with a franchise. 

Ready to learn more?

Download the free Loaded Pierogi franchise brochure today! 


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