5 Franchising Myths to Roll Your Eyes At

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own business but ya don't know where to start, franchising might be the answer!

What's that, you say? You've heard some things and you're not so sure? Balderdash!

We're here to bust whatever myths you may have heard, starting with these 5 common ones:

Myth #1: Ya Gotta Have Previous Experience


Let's refresh ourselves on what a franchise is: an established business with a proven model that already has a customer base and offers partners training, guidance, and support to succeed.

It's kinda like getting a Loaded bowl: you're given a foundation and the pieces to build it up, no matter your background, so you can make it what you want it to be!

Myth #2: Franchises are for Corporate Sellouts

Hey now, no need for name-calling.

First of all, mega-corps aren't the only companies that offer franchises; plenty of franchisors are small businesses that saw lots of local growth and wider- spread demand, so they decided to branch out with partners. For instance, Loaded Pierogi started franchising at the specific request of happy customers who wanted in. Regardless, as a franchisee you automatically become a small business owner with your own ideals, you're just doing it by representing a brand.

Myth #3: No Freedom to Do it My Way

Just because you partnered with a developed brand doesn't mean you're signed up to receive helicopter management. Brand consistency will be required, sure, but the parent company isn't there to be your puppet master.

Being in business as a franchisee is kind of like the technical challenge in Great British Bakeoff: you're given some guidelines to help pave the way to success, but it's up to you to get there. So fear not, you’ll still get to do you!

Myth #4: Franchising is an Easy A

Friendly reminder that this is your rodeo.

Franchisors offer the tools—a tried and true business model, ongoing guidance and support, help with marketing, and brand recognition—but it's up to you to put it all together and make it your own. Franchising is your chance to build a business, with help, and still drive your own success. And ain't it exciting!

Myth #5: Franchisors Only Care About Fees, Not My Success

Wrong again, yo.

If you're a floundering franchisee, no corporate partner is gonna go "sucks to suck, my dude." This would hurt the brand and make them an unappealing partner. Instead, they're gonna sit down and help you resolve the issues because when you succeed, they succeed! Their values and mission may even be specifically geared towards helping you thrive; Loaded Pierogi, for example, operates with the ethos of "paying it forward."


There ya have it! Myths busted!

Now when you tell people "exciting news, I'm going to open my very own Loaded Pierogi franchise!" and some negative Nancy tries to hit you with a buncha franchising pitfalls, you can strike back with the ever-smug "actually" while you roll your eyes with abandon.

Check out our franchise opportunity to get started! 


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