5 Fringe Benefits of Being Your Own Boss

Ask anyone the best part of owning their own business and odds are they'll lead with "I get to be my own boss." Hell yeah ya do, slugger! Going into business for yourself takes a lot of work and dedication, and the sweetest ultimate payoff of being head honcho comes with its own subset of perks. The kinda perks that'll have you making victory fists and saying "yusssss." And to  light the entrepreneurial fire within, we’ve spelled ‘em all out for you below!

1. You call the shots

Look at you go, big boss person! As an owner the reins & the rodeo are officially yours, so you can steer your business and detail the ways in which you'd like it to run: who you work with, where you're located, how to manage operations, which causes to support, and so on. Point is, there are a vast number of shots and they're yours to be called!

2. You get to do your fave work

This perk kinda piggybacks off of number one - as the boss, you get to do what you love most. For some that means hands-on work with clients or customers; for others it might mean being in charge of all creative aspects of the business; and still others might revel in managing and strategizing operations. Bottom line is, as the boss you can load up on the tasks you enjoy and excel at, and use delegate the rest to a team that can play to one another's strengths.

3. You get to help *gestures broadly*

As a boss, you get to give others a chance to shine! You're providing jobs and work experience, you're contributing to the economy, and you're building something that will have a positive impact no matter the scale because it’s providing a solution to your customers’ needs. Plus, chances are your perfect work environment would be perfect for people who aren't you, too; so you can offer the kinds of opportunities you would have loved access to as a more junior employee, which is definitely something to savor.

4. You get some new know-how

Learning the ropes of any new business is, at minimum, going to hone your existing skill set, but as an owner gaining some shiny new skills is basically inevitable. As the leader you're gonna be on top of marketing, accounting, hiring, operations, vendor relations, etc.--even if you hire out some or all of these positions, simply by overseeing them you're gonna learn a thing or two, and as a result your personal professional growth is gonna keep on keeping on. Kinda like the energizer bunny.

5. You get a gold star

Not literally, we mean the gold star that is your **personal sense of accomplishment.** The kind that comes with achieving something big, like, y’know, building up your very own, functioning, successful business of which you are the boss. It's super gratifying, because you thought you could and you did! And thus, gold star!


So there you have it, 5 totally boss reasons why being your own boss rocks. And word to the wise, if you're mostly sold but holding back because "eep that sounds lowkey overwhelming," well have ya heard about franchising? You're still in business for yourself getting all the perks we listed, with the added bonus of a mentor/partner/resource (your franchisor) who will provide training and ongoing support. Cool cool cool, now that you're on board, check out Loaded's franchise opportunity!


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