Load Up on Possibilities with Loaded Pierogi!

Okay, so we know you love pierogi and poutine, but have you ever thought about OWNING your very own Loaded location? Ditch the worry about starting your business from scratch by taking the guesswork out of business ownership with an established franchise! 

We’ve done the hard stuff so driven people like you can jump on board and hit the ground running from the start!

Perks of Owning a Loaded Biz:

  • No Guessing with a Proven Model – Our proven business model is already ready-to-go! We get you started with training to teach you every aspect of the biz so you can be successful once you open your doors. With access to our tools and resources, you can open your Loaded with less worry about operations, marketing, and staff. We’ll give you everything you need to jumpstart your biz and fly you off to the land of loaded possibilities!
  • Guidance, Guidance, and More Guidance – Once you team up with us, you become a part of the Loaded family. And while we love our pierogies and mac n’ cheese, we are ready to get down to business. Our support team offers guidance and drops knowledge on you each step of your journey. Whether you are just getting to it or you’re eager for more expansion, we got your back.
  • Benefits That’ll Rock Your World – Our benefits are so good, even we can’t believe them. Less inventory, minimal maintenance, and low labor requirements make your everyday operations easy-peasy. High margins provide you with more potential for stable income and growth.

When you own a Loaded, we know from experience that your friends, neighbours, colleagues, and, hey, even your mailman, will come a-knockin’ for a bite (or two, or three…).

Our franchise offers everything from access to quality recipes to operational support to multiple marketing platforms. We ensure that our franchisees are LOADED with support and resources to start you on the right path as we bring our tasty twists on the classics to every community across Canada. 

Ready to Get Loaded on possibilities and learn more about owning your very own Loaded Pierogi? Fill out the form here and our team will be in touch soon!


Franchise Flyer

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Toronto, Ontario


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