Loaded Pierogi Wants to Team Up With You to Help Ukraine

These past few months, our staff (like the rest of the world) have watched in horror as a humanitarian crisis unfolds in Ukraine. To date, over 4.5 million refugees have fled their homes. Another 6.5+ million people have been displaced from their homes within the borders of their own country. As the conflict escalates, there is now an overwhelming demand for aid and funding from the international community. 

Seeing this tragedy take place, we at Loaded Pierogi asked, “What can we do to help?” 

3 Ways Loaded Pierogi is Helping Ukrainian War Refugees 

Loaded Pierogi is steadfast in our commitment to assisting the people of Ukraine. 

At each of our 11 Canadian restaurants, we have teamed up with communities to raise funds to support the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine with a goal of at least $20,000. We humbly ask you to also consider supporting our Ukrainian friends in the following three ways:

Make a Donation 

First, consider generously making a monetary donation. All Loaded Pierogi locations are equipped to take in funds – of any amount – and transfer them to support homeless Ukrainians fleeing war. All donations of $1, $2, or $5 will be marked with a pierogi badge added to the wall. 

Try the NEW Loaded Double Sausage and Cheddar Bowl 

Second, try our delicious Loaded Double Sausage and Cheddar bowl. $1 from each delicious sale will go toward the Pilgrim Movement.  

Learn More at The Pilgrim Movement 

Third, check out The Pilgrim Movement website. This organization has partnered up with Loaded Pierogi in our mutual desire to help mothers, children, and families find a safe passage to sanctuary countries in Europe. With millions of people crossing the border every day, this trusted organization brings hope and comfort to the most vulnerable of refugees. 

Together, we can all help to support the brave people of Ukraine.  


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