Loaded's Recipe for Franchising

What's that you say? You're ready to go into business for yourself and you're curious what Loaded's franchise opportunity consists of? Glad you asked! It's a process not unlike preparing a Signature Bowl...

Choose Your Base

Much like the bowl bases, Loaded's franchise opportunity has 3 options for the type of location you'd like to operate: quick service restaurant with up to 20 seats and an optional liquor license; a food court location designed for high-volume, fast paced service; or a food truck that'll have you on the go, whether it be seasonally or permanently. High five for options!

Load Up on Guidance and Training

Don't look so nervous, we'd never throw you in the deep end without any swimming lessons! Sure, our business model is a solid turn-key with simple day-to-day operations, but our franchise partners receive tons of guidance. From help with location selection and rent negotiation to comprehensive training and marketing, we're here to lift you off and support you Buzz Lightyear style: to infinity and beyond!

Sprinkle on Some Benefits

The margins? Great. The labor? Low. The inventory? Minimal. The maintenance? Easy peasy pierogi cheesy. We mean it when we say that we set up our partners for success--we enjoy helping others thrive both professionally and personally by providing them the best toolkit and business entry conditions possible, and we have all the faith that our systems can help you go far!

Dig In!

We've got a pretty sweet thing going, and trust us, we really savor it. And it looks like you're ready to as well, so get the deets on our franchise opportunity and Get Loaded!


Franchise Flyer

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