Set Yourself Up for Success as a Franchisee

Joining a franchise is a baller way to launch your own business--you essentially get a set of blueprints that have already been proven to work, eliminating a looooot of guesswork. But if you really wanna make the most of this opportunity it’s important to set yourself up for success from the get go! So here are some tips on how to do that.

Know Your Vision

First things first, if you're launching a business you need a vision! This is crucial for every type of entrepreneur, and it's especially important for budding franchisees such as yourself because it'll help you determine who to partner with. Consider what you want your life to look like in the context of your business, and choose a franchise that will help fulfill that vision.

Make Sure Core Values Align

Misalignment isn't just bad for your back, it's bad for business (ba-dum-shhhh)! Meaning you want to make sure you and your franchisor are aligned. Core values are a foundational aspect of any business, they set the stage for how you plan to operate. So when you're starting a biz by joining an existing biz, it's of the utmost necessity that the values match up. Try asking yourself: would I want to Get Loaded with these people?

Trust the System

Dude, the biggest benefit of franchising is the whole starting with a proven model thing! The franchisor has not only paved the way through trial and error, they've made a handy dandy map for you to follow along and they provide you with a toolkit to boot. So trust the franchise's systems--they're based on a great deal of experience and they're literally proven to work.

Be Coachable

Ya don't know what ya don't know, and knowing that is an important part of hopping on board as a franchisee. You'll receive training and ongoing support from your franchisor that is specifically targeted towards helping you achieve success, so it's important that you're open-minded, willing to learn, and receptive to feedback!

Be Resourceful

Even though you'll get a lot of guidance as a franchisee, you are a business owner. Once you've gone through your comprehensive training and launch you'll be booted out of the nest to fly solo, and while you'll still have contact with and guidance from that nest, part of flying solo is winging it from time to time; having a resourceful mindset will help you be a faster and more effective problem solver when those "wing it" moments arrive.

Foster Your Business Mindset

A business can only go as far as its leader, so it's helpful to build and maintain a growth mindset–start with yourself and it'll translate to your business quickly! If you make a concerted effort to evolve and improve through various educational channels (books, podcasts, courses, business communities, etc). then your business will evolve and improve as well.


There ya have it! Between setting yourself up for success early on and partnering with a company that's already seen success, we're pretty sure your middle name will be Success in no time. Hop to it with Loaded's franchise opportunity!


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