The hottest new thing: Owning a Loaded Pierogi Franchise

So, you want to open your own Loaded Pierogi and need to learn more. You’ve come to the right place, let’s talk about the best reasons to open a franchise in 2022.

Be your boss

Be real, we all want to be our boss. You get to be the one to make the call, and you can even hire some rad people to work for you. With a solid crew working for you, it makes running a Loaded Pierogi a dream come true.

Get your hometown Loaded

Maybe you want to try some deadly delicious  food from Loaded, but your city doesn’t have one! Now, no one asked you to be a hero and open one, but you might just be the person your town needs. Become known as a hometown hero if you open the doors to one of these joints.

Do something unique

Something is rewarding about being known for doing something cool, and let’s be honest; there is nothing cooler than the food at Loaded Pierogi. From classic meals to catering options, there is endless potential.

Join the Loaded Pierogi family

When you franchise with us, you get support every step of the way. Experts can help you with any questions you have about the Brand, or how to grow your franchise over time. We are here to help you become the most rad restaurant around. In general, by opening a franchise over a solo business you are more likely to succeed.

Customers love Pierogis

One of the major benefits of opening a franchise, rather than a restaurant of your own, is that you already have people who know and love the food without having to experiment with coming up with a menu first. There tends to be a craze that happens when a known franchise comes to town - people will buzz about the food and often line up to try it. This means that although you have paid a startup cost, there is a likelihood for a high-profit launch to help recoup that. Franchises have taken the work out of choosing how to be the most cost-effective, so you maximize from day one.

Interested? Learn more about this excellent opportunity! You can also send an email to franchising@loadedpierogi.com or get in touch by calling (416) 528-0452.


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