What Makes a Successful Franchisee

Fun fact, "how to start a business" was a more popular Google search than "how to get a job" in 2021; people wanna grab life by the antlers and take control and we are here for it! Especially because we have our very own baller franchise opportunity, which is one of the easiest ways to get your foot in the door by the way. Franchising is a great concept for entrepreneurs that want to do their own thing and still get some guidance and support and, y'know, a proven business model; with the right attitude and skills--outlined below--anyone can do it. All you need is:

1. Passion for your business

Yeah, yeah, yeah we know it's cliche, but it's got a lotta truth to it! Passion is a basic necessity for any business owner; you're gonna need it for all of the time, energy, and resources it takes to launch a business even if you are partnering with a franchise.

2. A positive 'tude

We aren't about to pretend that franchise ownership is all rainbows, sunshine, and smooth sailing, but positivity goes a long way! Great business starts from the top down; if you lead by example by staying positive in the easy times and the chaos times, it will catch on amongst your team and your clientele and foster all the good vibes and good will.

3. Leadership and an affinity for being a team player

Congrats team captain, you've got your very own group to oversee as you manage your new business! It's up to you to unite and empower your staff so that your establishment is on brand with the franchisor, that way everyone wins!

4. Communication skillz

To talk the talk that will enable you to walk the walk, you've gotta have good communication skills--both as a speaker and a listener. That team of yours is going to perform best if they feel heard, respected, appreciated, and supported, and they'll best be able to send that same energy back to ya if you keep all lines open for giving and receiving feedback.

5. To be results driven

Remember those antlers you were so ready to grab? Franchisors are awesome guides and offer a lot of help, but at the end of the day the business plan execution is up to you. Thriving franchisees set objectives, track their progress, and are never afraid to adjust or adapt so that they reach their goals. If your business trajectory is a map, the franchisor is the old vet who passes on their navigation tools and you're the captain steering the ship.

6. Integrity

Integrity goes beyond honesty; it's about holding yourself and your team to a high moral and ethical standard. As the owner it's on you to establish, endorse, and enforce your values so that your work environment is driven by respect, kindness, and sincerity. We know you're only human, mistakes are gonna happen; but as long as you can handle them with integrity then you, friend, will be on the right track.


The direction and guidance offered by a franchisor are two huge perks of the partnership, just remember as the owner it still takes your own effort and initiative to succeed. If you read our list and inwardly ticked every box, then you're already one step closer to getting started! Keep the momentum going and check out Loaded's franchise opportunity.


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